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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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Russia, ul. Novoseleninskaya 15, Velikiye Luki, Pskov oblast, 182106

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About M-Konstruktor

"M-Konstruktor" has extensive experience in supplying steel moulds for concrete to European and worldwide companies.
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Dating back to 1995, the company has been known as M-Konstruktor since 2013.

Today, M-Konstruktor is one of the leading steel moulds and concrete equipment manufacturers in Russia with more than 25 years of experience.

The M-Konstruktor manufacturer has become widely known among precast concrete companies as a reliable supplier of high-end products. You can find a complete list of products on the website:

M-Konstruktor manufacturer

M-Konstruktor specializes in design and production of:

  • steel moulds and equipment for reinforced concrete products;
  • tilting tables and battery moulds;
  • microtunneling pipe moulds;
  • bolted and welded cement silos.

In 2016 the company started exporting its products not only to EurAsEC countries but also to European Union members. The plant has the history of successful collaborations with different companies from other countries, such as: Belgium, France, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Netherlands, Serbia, Cyprus, etc. and continues to actively increase its exports.

The application of state-of-the-art, first-class equipment and close monitoring of the projects being implemented make it possible to make any metalware, however complex. We produce standard and custom metalware as per customer drawings or bespoke designs developed by our engineers.

The company’s manufacturing facility is located in Velikiye Luki city, Pskov region, a mere 160 km from the border of the European Union.

2,200 m²

pre-manufacturing shop, with a total floor area

4,500 m²

a new prefabricated assembly shop

800 m²

machine shop

1,600 m²

metal stock warehouse

2,100 m²

assembly shop

1,500 m²

office space

In 2016 our company was ISO-9001 certified. The certificate shows that the production (manufacture and processing of metalware, as well as structural iron and other processes) meet the GOST ISO 9001-2011/ISO 9001:2008, IDT standards.

In 2018 M-Konstruktor was among the first to be certified under the «Made in Russia» programme, and confirms this status every year. This certification has demonstrated that our exports are of high quality, safe and meet the highest requirements of foreign markets.

M-Konstruktor has more than once been awarded by the Fund for the Promotion and Support of Entrepreneurship of Pskov region in the categories “Change Leader” and “For Sales Geography Expansion”.


M-Konstruktor offers its customers and partners a comprehensive approach to service: from individual design and production of products to delivery and installation supervision.