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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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Lego interlocking blocks for construction resemble the fragments of the famous LEGO construction set for children. They are made of reinforced concrete and equipped with a groove-spike joint system. They are used for the construction of infrastructural, civil and industrial facilities for various purposes. They make it possible to quickly create high strength capital structures without glue and masonry mortars. The Lego blocks can support not only vertical but also solid horizontal loads due to their specific structural features. The main advantages of the product are the following:

  • do not require reinforcement;
  • durability and reliability;
  • minimal moisture permeability;
  • mechanical stress resistance;
  • tight fit of parts;
  • pronounced strength characteristics.

It is possible to speed up the construction process of building several times and reduce the costs on workers and specialized equipment to a minimum level by using Lego blocks for construction. The block object is dismantled simply and quickly if necessary.

Our portfolio includes equipment for the production of Lego blocks of various standard sizes, shapes, and applications:

  • single-row and double-row moulds;
  • radial-type moulds;
  • pointed-type and ladder-type moulds;
  • W-type moulds and moulds for walls with chamfers.

If necessary, the moulds are equipped with diagonal and vertical length cutters. A diagonal length cutter enables the formation of blocks with the desired angle, while a vertical one allows you to manufacture a concrete product of the desired size.

It is possible to manufacture customized steel moulds for Lego blocks.

We also produce additional equipment for lego blocks: block clamps, block-turners, lifting beams for moving-turning blocks to the desired position, devider inserts for changing the size of the finished product.