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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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M-Konstruktor expands its presence in the European online space

Despite the closed international borders and all the restrictions regarding conventions and trade shows, we are still actively performing our marketing activities and take full advantage of online tools available to us.

Digitization and 2020 in general have shown that the most important thing for a customer is to stay in touch; to have the possibility to contact their supplier with a couple of clicks, order the required item and receive it within a defined period of time. So for us, as equipment manufacturers, it is essential to give this possibility to our customers.

Hence, for the convenience of our European partners, M-Konstruktor has launched an online store that offers the full range of equipment and steel moulds for the production of concrete Lego blocks, which are quite popular in the global world of construction these days.

You can learn more about the products offered and their prices at our website Here, you will find answers to all your questions and get the possibility to order our moulds for Lego blocks in just one click.