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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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What has been built with Lego blocks? Some feedback from our customers!

We haven’t told you about one big shipment of our moulds and equipment for Lego blocks, but we would like to show you the results of the fruitful work of our partners, who have used the equipment to produce concrete blocks and built a storage facility for bulk building materials:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No masonry mortar required
  • In the foundation of a structure, our partners used W-type Lego blocks that gave it more stability and solidity.

The walls of the storage facility were formed with double-row Lego blocks. To mould them, the moulds with the dimensions of 180*60*60 mm were used. Using a special divider, you can change the size of the products being produced. For example, in the picture you can see rectangular and square blocks. This does not only allow you to build walls according to the required parameters, but also gives your structure an aesthetically pleasing look.

Since concrete Lego blocks are not fitted with lifting lugs, a block clamp is used to install them and move them around conveniently. Its working principle is as follows: a crane or forklift lifts the lifting beam and moves it into the working area. The clamp then opens automatically, picks up the concrete block and moves it to the desired location. After transportation, the lifting beam is automatically opened and the cycle repeats.

If a forklift is used as the lifting equipment, it is additionally equipped with a special adapter.

During the demoulding process, a turner to turn blocks into a desired position is also used.

Learn more about how our moulds and additional equipment work at our website LEGO interlocking block steel moulds.

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