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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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Lego-type concrete blocks are proven decision with a great potential

Imagine a wall built of solid concrete blocks without any cement mortar. It is possible when the upper side of the block is not flat but have mortise and tenon joint. Such design feature allows to build retaining walls, storage bin, silo or any other temporary structures in not time, regardless a weather conditions and with minimal labour and machinery costs. Recently developed basement concrete blocks which do not need cement mortar was referred as “lego-blocks”.

While in Europe such construction method is very popular, post-Soviet states are just starting to use lego-blocks. For this reason purchase of  steel mould for lego-blocks fabricating is a good investment into the future. Which is well-known by management of concrete batching plant under construction in Moldova. Vast variety of purchased steel moulds allows to manage any task within the scope of lego-blocks application.  

The basements of a future buildings will be constructed of special anvil-shaped elements. Wide section of this blocks is a ground side, while the narrow section used for double-joints blocks installation which forms the wall. For arrangement of angles more than 45  ̊ the Radial blocks are used.  Delivered steel moulds allows casting blocks with  the lenght of 120, 180 and 240 mm with a section of 60×60 mm.   

Supplementary equipment provides easy operation and variability of dimensions. The semi-automatic clamping crossbeam used for fabricated blocks moving. To mount it into the forklift  the double-side fixture allowing not only lengthwise but also endwise holding of blocks. Angle-cutter allows to mould blocks with 45  ̊ for sloped walls building. Special divider allows to adjust the length.  


If you have extensive building plans in the future, it is better to care today. Moreover some people have already done it.  Be advised and purchase via e-mail or call +78115361005.