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«M-Konstruktor» it is a leading Russian manufacturer of metal molds and equipment for concrete products and metal structures for various purposes.

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Russian moulds in operation in France

M-Konstruktor is actively developing its presence outside the Russian Federation with the help of the Export Support Centre for Pskov region. And the first half of February is all about export, too: delivery of equipment to Belgium; delivery of moulds for ventilation units to partners from Kazakhstan; a video on steel moulds for concrete trash containers for Poland is in progress. And today, we prepared a photo report on how Lego blocks are moulded in France.

Let us remind you that a batch of moulds for Lego blocks was shipped to France in November 2020. Some of the moulds were equipped with length cutters to give the blocks the right angle or the right size. These moulds are also equipped with special insertions that form small recesses to make it easier to grab the block with a forklift later.

The excellent quality of finished products and positive feedback from our customers confirm the high level of our production, which has been awarded the Made in Russia certificate.

M-Konstruktor shapes the steel the way you like it!