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Russian moulds are on their way France

Our clients have really liked our pistachio-coloured moulds, so we have manufactured the third batch of these moulds which will soon be shipped to France.

We are telling you about Lego blocks quite a lot and in detail. And after each post, we get bombarded with your questions about prices. Therefore, in anticipation of such questions, we suggest that you send a request with the required number and dimensions of steel moulds to our managers at They will prepare the quote and send it back to you.

Now, a few words about the moulds shown in the picture. Dimensions: 160*80*80 cm.

Four moulds are equipped with length-cutters of 2 different types: a diagonal one and a vertical one. The first type allows you to manufacture a Lego block with the right angle for subsequent arrangement of a building’s corners. The second one helps to manufacture a product of the required size, since it divides the mould in halves.

These moulds are also equipped with special insertions that form small recesses to make it easier to grab the block with a forklift later.

The delivery package includes a grab for the movement of Lego blocks, which has also been developed and manufactured at our plant. We’ll tell you more about it in our next posts. Follow us if you don’t want to miss anything!

To learn more about moulds for Lego blocks, please visit our website: or call us:

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