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Delivering moulds for Lego blocks to Serbia
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Delivering moulds for Lego blocks to Serbia

Once again we have photos of the moulds for Lego block in our news feed: another batch of products is being prepared for shipment to Serbia.

These are single-row and double-row moulds with the dimensions of 180*60*60 и 120*60*60 cm, as well as the radial moulds (for the production of wall blocks with an angle of more than 90 degrees).

If you use our moulds properly and ensure maintenance is provided timely, they will endure over 1000 pouring cycles.

In addition, the moulds can be fitted with dividers which can be used to change the dimensions of the concrete blocks to be poured.

We also have great news for those who wish to purchase a small batch of these products, e. g. for private construction projects or small reinforced concrete product plants. Moulds for Lego block will soon be available on Avito, where anyone will be able to order them! The launch of sales will be announced additionally.

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